Where can I talk to a Psychic online for free?

Where can I talk to a Psychic online for free?
Where can I talk to a Psychic for free? I need some answers; I am depressed and have lost someone.
I am infact already seeing a counsellor, psychiatrist and psychologist. lol. I just wnated to know some stuff.

Suggestion by bittyb
I think you want a psychologist, not a psychic. I recommend you call the psych department of your local universities – many of them have sliding scale of free programs for help if you cannot afford it, or can direct you to similar public programs.

Additionally, if you have health insurance, it is often a covered benefit up to a certain number of visits per year (with an office co-pay). Your general practitioner can usually make recommendations for whom to see.

Suggestion by Suzan K
Look out not to take a lot of medication prescribed by the psychologist, as you can get addicted to them.
Something like that happened to my friend, and she overcomed that by subscribing and attending a gym.
She even met her present handsome boyfriend there.

Suggestion by Dr. Bob
You will not find a psychic on line for free…because there is no such thing as a psychic! The whole ESP/psychic phenomena/fortune-telling/spoon-bending thing is just made up. Mostly, it appeals to bored teenagers who think that, if they believe in something as weird as psychic stuff, that will make them special. But it only makes them weird.

If you are really depressed (that is, diagnosed by a competent psychologist or psychiatrist) then you should see a psychotherapist. If you have lost someone, whether by death or a broken relationship of some kind or moving…you are in a grieving process and, once again, you could use a therapist to talk with about it.

You will NOT find a psychologist or psychiatrist for free, however, and certainly not on the internet…anyone offering you psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment on line is, by definition, suspect.

OK, so I am a psychologist…even so, please listen to me: DO NOT expect psychological help or advice on the Internet. If you have a psychological problem, see a competent therapist.

Dr. Bob, Adlerian Psychologist

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psychic online

Are there any psychics online who could give me a free reading?
I feel like I am lost at the moment! I would just like to know where my life is headed, and if anything is in store for my love life? I guess I would just like some guidance.

My birthday is the 30/07/88 if that helps. Would be extremely appreciated!!

And please, if you are not psychic or a non believer, PLEASE do not waste your time by answering, you won’t change my beliefs. Thanks

Suggestion by Dido

Suggestion by mrvkkn
Im not a psychic but, i can make u a pin code analysis with your birth date.
After your birthday in 2011 July, this year your number is 5 which gives you travels and journeys, this year may bring you new friends, also foreign friends, meet new people
After your birthday in 2012 July, your number will be 6 which will give you a beautiful love life, maybe with the person you met last year, this year may give you a marriage

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