what is a supra celestial being?

what is a supra celestial being?
I was told by a psychic that I was a supra celestial being, can you explain what exactly is that she is talking about; and certain keys that I needed to unlock my power potential. Is there any validity in these statements or is it just a ploy to exhort money from me?

Suggestion by Archer Sweetie x
its hard to say – depends on the psychic like for example did she have any hits with other things you have been through maybe that will give you a clue whether you can trust what she is saying or not. I have had lots of expereince with psychics and i have to say lots and lots of things they have rpedicted were incorrect for what was going to happen in the future. Some had hits.

Suggestion by Atoot
All are not exhort your money because these thing are present in this world here i am sending the link in resource where you can find the answers related your problem. visit.

Suggestion by Misscpb

I have found that various words are used to describe things such as “multi-dimensional being”, “old soul”, “light worker” and basically they all mean the same. It is the way we all are spiritually/energetically and how we can use that whilst living life on earth. Just like people have different abilities with sports, cooking etc, we all have different levels of abilities in the metaphysical areas of life.

You do not need any keys to unlock this power potential, all you need to do is daily meditation, start practising what you are drawn to e.g healing other people, doing card readings, practising mediumship readings etc. You may well be drawn to attend a specific course, buy a book, take part in an online course etc. Online there are some free web sites to help with development etc.

(chat room and forum open 24hrs a day, does free readings and also check out the calender as they do free psychic mediumship development online)

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

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Looking for Free/Inexpensive Online Chat System that times/processes charges per minute used?
Hi i am looking for a Free/Inexpensive Online Chat System that times/processes charges per minute used. It should have:
a list of available online chat systems for 100 users or more (for
live psychic readings online), each chat window needs a timer and log
of the chat…the timer
accesses a payment gateway with merchant account…callers credit card
is preauthorized prior to chat to verify card and at end of chat will
process the payment into merchant acct…..this chat sys will not
charge per month
per user/window…the charges to client are per minute of live online
chat and automatically processed through payment gateway tied to timer
inside each chat window…..webcam/phone as part of this system is a
plus…this is NOT for x-rated use

Suggestion by Emrys M
So I want to make sure I got this right. You want a free program that lets you charge other people that is (or like) a chatroom, and it is not meant for x-rated things.

Mmmm… I really don’t know. I also wouldn’t expect something like that to be out there (though I could be wrong). First off, I find it unlikely that a nice simple free program like that (which lets you charge people) would be free. Secondly, I don’t see much use for it considering there are so many free chatrooms and message boards out there that people can use. Three, the only way I can see people paying for use of a chatroom is if it was X rated.

Suggestion by just “JR”
Don’t dream!
Use something free to charge people?
Charge people to CHAT??? There are 10’s of 100’s of chat places that are free. Why would they pay you???
(And, don’t forget: not only you, but everyone on Earth want everything for FREE. Just look at the number of people who want “free hosts”, “free scripts” … and “free advices”…

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