Site that sends free Horoscopes you your cell phone daily?

Site that sends free Horoscopes you your cell phone daily?
I used to get them everyday, but then they just stoped sending them.
I need a site thats completely FREE and won’t charge anything on my phone bill, just the cost of a regular text. thanks.

Suggestion by HEPL
I wouldnt trust those cell phone ones to be honest, they usually rack up more money on your phone bill then necessary, if you have facebook theres a free horoscope that sends it to you everyday on your wall and if you got a phone that you can access facebook with more power to you.

Suggestion by Whoa- ho – ho it’s Magic!
yeah don’t give your number out. if you must consult a horoscope check online, aren’t you on the computer daily? i mean really isnt that easier?

btw… the horoscopes didn’t change in 2009, that is misinformation, you shouldn’t go around telling people that.

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Can anybody give me a free horoscope chart reading?
I would really like to have a free chart reading on my horoscope, If any one can do that, that would be awesome please. i will give you my birthday and the time i was born through email.

Suggestion by Dave S
I do not need your email. I know when you were born, and where. I know when Scorpio crosses your path, you get easily frustrated. That’s because you were a Scorpio in your past life. You were born in 1552. You were the daughter of a cobbler. You died in 1574 after an invasion spread disease. You were reborn in 1832, and died after 4 days. You were reborn in 1889, and lived until 1912, when you went down on the Titanic with your grandmother of the time. You were again dormant for decades, until this rebirth, which will not be your last, but your second from last. You will leave this cycle due to a liver ailment. This will happen in 2019. Your next life, and your final life will be long, 80 years, and over 100 years for your final incarnation. After this, your soul will be sent home.

Suggestion by Rikki
Well…u have it all figured out

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