Q&A: What’s the difference between brown and amber eyes?

What’s the difference between brown and amber eyes?
I’m a little confused about my eye color. I read online that amber eyes look more like hazel, eyes, but in the sunlight my eyes look like a true coppery amber color. My eyes are a medium to darkish brown, but they aren’t really a flat brown (I paint I would know haha). They have a reddish tint, in regular (no sunlight) lighting. So what’s my eye color? Thanks! 🙂

Suggestion by Face
Basically some people think that hazel eyes have no green in them and look like a lighter version of brown just like a hazel nut. And they say that if your eyes are a mixture of brown and green that they’re not hazel, they’re actually green… And the thing is amber eyes in the sunlight look so similar to the color of a hazelnut so that would put amber eyes in the hazel category. But since everyone commonly says that hazel eyes have to have 2 colors then we must give a color to golden/orange/red eyes and so we call them amber 🙂

The color amber is made out of 75% yellow and 25% red, so that would make them look like a color between orange and yellow. Of course in the eyes these colors will not appear like crayola yellow or crayola orange but they are different to the standard brown eyes. In dull lighting (anything that isn’t bright like natural lighting/sunlight), amber eyes appear to be a reddish brown. Amber eyes pop more easily than brown eyes and they catch more light than typical brown eyes so they appear brighter and sort of sparkle lol…

If you think that your eyes are no the typical brown and you feel they’re a bit more special and glow in the sunlight, then you probably have “amber eyes”.

I find this color in human eyes very rare… In my entire lifetime, I have only seen 2 people with those eyes and let me tell you something: their eyes were so beautiful that I just couldn’t call them brown because they looked so different and unique!! You find that color more in animals. One famous celeb that might be in the amber category is Natalie Portman. If you see her eyes in bright lighting up close on the red carpet, you’ll notice they’re different to brown eyes.

So yeah I think your eyes are amber because as I said in dull lighting, they look reddish brown and in bright lighting they look like a striking orange/golden color 🙂 I encourage you to stand in very bright lighting and see if your eyes look really light and bright like amber eyes…

Here are a few examples:

Scroll down to the eyes of “Doxy” and “Adriane” the cats: (they’re at the bottom of the page)


Amber eyes

Another thing I’ve read but am not so sure if it’s true, is that the true color of your eyes is the ring around your iris which is probably why people who have brown and green in their eyes should be put in the green eyes category (because usually the green is outside). So try looking at the ring around your eyes too.

here are Natalie’s eyes: (look at the close up)

So yeah I hope this helps you find your true eye color and I think that we need to add more categories when it comes to eye colors because plenty of people are left confused (especially the ones that can’t tell if their eyes are blue or green).

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How to put on olive oil to moisturize my face?
I have really dry skin so I’ve read online that you can use olive oil to moisturize your skin. Should I take a shower in lukewarm water and use the face cleanser, then go back and put olive oil on at night? Also should I (without using a shower) put on olive oil then washing it with lukewarm water before putting on liquid makeup? Does this all help? Thanks. BTW I’m a girl on my brother’s account again. Going to make a new account tomorrow. =]

Suggestion by Jobe
first get one of those blow up mini pools, then invite many people over to pour olive oil on you and your best friend while you both wrestle in the olive oil. shirts may or may not be included.

Suggestion by sandy
i would try cleansing your face in the shower then putting the olive oil on to moisturize. i’ve never tried olive oil but i’m thinkin about trying it soon.

i use egg whites, just brush it on, let it set for maybe 20 minutes, it’ll feel weird as it dries. but once its all dry, just rinse it off with warm water and your face will be sooo smooth and soft all day.

Suggestion by lynnette
i actually use olive oil as a makeup remover, then use warm water to remove the excess oil from my face. that way, my face is clean and moisturized without a lot of chemicals/steps.

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