Q&A: What is the most accurate horoscope website?

What is the most accurate horoscope website?
I want one that gives me 100% accurate readings on daily horoscopes & love horoscopes, and I would also like to know what my lucky color of the day is…etc…please give me legit ones you’ve tried out! I’m using horoscope.com and so far it’s been like 50% accurate…and it doesn’t give you your lucky color of the day

Suggestion by labella
Best so far

Suggestion by DivaDenae
I USE www.cainer.com. very in depth accurate horoscopes. But not: SAGGIMC THE TEACHER.!!!!!! She’s sheer lunacy. ©©

Suggestion by Eli
yes kelli fox

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Is it true that Virgo’s are supposedly matched up with another astrological sign, & that’s there match?
I’m a Virgo and whenever I go and check my horoscope, I see that for the “love horoscope” that you get paired with another astrological sign but is that really your match? I mean like I have tried to basically find a birthday of a guy I like (which is easy) and see if I’m matched with him but apparently we’re not matched at all. Can someone give me an explantion onto why this happens ? Thanks :)

Suggestion by Been There
Saying “I’m a Virgo” means that you have your Sun in Virgo.

In real astrology, compatibility/matching is not done on the basis of Sun signs.
Instead, a birth chart is calculated, using the full birth date, the birth time, and the location of birth … a chart is done for both people.
Then every factor in each chart is compared with every factor in the other chart and specific detailed analysis of both the strengths and the weaknesses (problems) of the relationship are given.

The absolute most-important factor to look for between two charts is when one person’s Ascendant or Descendant is conjunct (within 8 degrees) the other person’s Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. This creates a very strong attraction and a very strong bond, and if it is not present in the chart comparison (synastry), the relationship will not likely be a significant or long-lasting relationship.

Sun-sign comparisons have no validity once you start doing marriage studies (looking at hundreds of charts comparisons of married couples) … you will see that the so-called “rules” of Sun-sign compatibility do not hold up as promised. You will repeatedly find that incompatible Sun-signs are getting married to each other … but you will also find that 95% of the time, they have that Ascendant/Descendant contact (mentioned above) in between their charts.

You can go to cafe astrology and get your birth chart done for free, if you have your birth time. And if you have all the birth data for any particular guy (date/time/location), you can do his chart up too. But don’t waste you time trying to use Sun-sign astrology. It isn’t really astrology, and it produces no valid or reliable results.

Suggestion by GDL Guy
It happens because the horoscope isn’t real. I think they give too broad of a description for each sign so pretty much you think they are describing you. I think what matters most is to find someone who you connect with as a person and not because some astrological sign told you to.

Suggestion by leiram017
I think that Zodiac Signs are only superstitions. You know ‘the more you hate, the more you love’ xD .. sometimes you are not match but it doesn’t mean that you are not meant to be :)))

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  1. Ramakrishnan July 1, 2013 at 2:00 am #

    Is Vedic Astrology the world’s oldest con?


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    follow @HoroscopeUp (Twitter)

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  4. Gabby Maze July 1, 2013 at 3:46 am #

    you will like a lot of guys before you find the right one and so don’t go on what you read because you will find the right person and even if they don’t have the birthday you were looking for that shouldn’t make you change your mind about him that birthday thing mostly works on friends

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