Love Magic 8 Ball

Letters start with A B C, numbers start with 1 2 3, music starts with Do Re Mi and love starts with you and meUnknown Quote.

How about you? Did you get a true half? Many matters of hearts can be revealed if you try using Magic Eight Balls.

A Magic 8 Ball – what do you know about it?

Love Fortune Teller

The magic 8 ball is known as a device used for fortune telling and foreseeing some events that can happen in the future. When people use a magic 8 ball, they can ask many problems in life by Yes-No questions. The ball will respond by revealing some possible answers to questioners including:


  • Yes
  • Signs point to Yes
  • As I see it, Yes
  • It is certain
  • You may rely on it
  • Most likely
  • Yes, definitely
  • It is decidedly so
  • Outlook good
  • Without a doubt


  • Very doubtful
  • Outlook not so nice
  • Don’t bank on it
  • My sources say no
  • My reply is no


  • Request again
  • Pay attention and inquire again
  • Cannot forecast now
  • Reply hazily, try again
  • Better not tell you now

Use Magic 8 Love Ball for asking your love issues

In general, everyone has their private problems when falling in love. Matters of heart can cause the happiness, sweetness or even sorrow and pain for many people. Due to the support of magic 8 love ball, you will get the clarity for the current problems. The ball will show a possible answer after you ask a Yes-No question.

With the growth of the Internet, you can ask a Magic 8 Love Ball online. Just type your questions in the box and shake the ball, the automatic result will be shown for you.

However, the answers from the ball are used for consultation only. Don’t let them control your love life if you receive the negative answers.

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