Is the fortune teller telling the truth?

Is the fortune teller telling the truth?
Is the fortune teller telling the truth? Because my mother have a friend does know how to predic the future some of his predictions came true like your friend will never reach in year 2000 and the friend of my mother died and never reach year 2000 and some of her precdition are true and my mother said to my relatives my mother will be rich at the age of 50 because one of his children will be famous and thats me and my sister and one of my biggest dream is to be famous do you think this is real or what??

Suggestion by Daniel
no one can predict the future and anyone who believes a “fortune teller” is a chump

Suggestion by Patrick C.
Fortune tellers are just good at picking up on general ideas and self esteem issues in a person, and coming up with a narrative general enough for the person to fill in all the necessary details on their own, yet specific enough to seem like it’s an accurate prognosis.

It’s not real. There’s no magic or hocus pocus. It’s just a terrific social talent.

Suggestion by Magus (brown wizard)
Fortune telling is very similar to weather forecasts — while some of them may indeed come true, others will not. While it is true that some people are allegedly gifted with the ability to supposedly foretell the future, most of their predictions are two-sided, which means that they use statements which can be interpreted as the future coming true or they employ the use of wide-ranging topics that have a high percentage of becoming true.
Foretelling the future is not an exact art and the comparison that I used is a strong evidence — weather forecasting. In weather forecasts, all indications are there based on scientific research, advanced technology (which includes satellite imaging), and climatic and environmental observations. Yet, they are never accurate as weather changes can happen very fast. Much is the same in foretelling the future — anything can or can be changed.

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I scammed a Fortune Teller.?
Well, there is this site where you can chat with a fortune teller.

I went on it and the fortune teller said I must pay ..for every minute!

So I said that I was Skeptical …and kindly demanded a name of my soul mate and then I will pay!

Fortune teller believed me and told me the first name. and then I got it! Because I didn’t want to pay. I don’t credit card.

So is this name I got real!? 0_0
* I mean’t that I got out! without paying but still got the name…which was “given by the spirit” according to the fortune teller.

Suggestion by Kuku Kajoob ♫
Of course its not.
“Given by the spirit” according to the fortune teller, who is running an internet scam site.
I had 2 friends that worked for a famous Hollywood psychic line. They made everything up.. but you get good at knowing
what people want to hear.
Now when you run into someone named that, you’ll believe they are your soul mate. If not, then the next person might be, who is named that. If not them, then the next person
What if she’s lying and you miss your real one..and end up with this other person !

Suggestion by ksea
there scaming you, if you pay.

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Dream about fortune teller?
some years ago i dream that i was going down in some underground area until i come facing this fortune teller woman. I was looking around and so that the floor has alot paper money, then i sit in front of her and she start to read my fortune but i feel like that i was just laughting inside me like i dont believe her because she takes only money? so it will not work. This area was some how a restricted area like only you alone must go there.

Suggestion by sorcha_the_pirate
What is it you are looking for? Interpretation to this dream?
If so, the first thing that comes to my mind is you may fall into some sort of good fortune, but won’t believe it. You’ll feel it is a scam perhaps. A fortune teller in a dream doesn’t usually have an specific meaning unless you feel people like that are just out to get your money/scam artists. Money on the floor at your feet could also be a way of telling you, “Look at all the money you just dropped in your life, perhaps you need to find a better way to save it?”
Restriction in dreams means just that. You are restricted in life. You don’t seem to have an open mind, you aren’t going to believe in just anything and you are very cautious. You don’t like loaning out money and especially don’t like giving it to beggars on the street. Your money should be spent on you, but later on down the line you may not have money when you need it either. Perhaps you should take a closer look at your future.

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3 Responses to Is the fortune teller telling the truth?

  1. Venus 1485AD February 21, 2014 at 3:42 am #

    No, fortune tellers only tell ridiculous lies. They can’t foresee the future. that’s impossible. You say some of her predictions were true. How many more weren’t? You have confirmation bias about it. Stop being so gullible. No, I’m sure it isn’t real.

  2. Dlee February 21, 2014 at 4:01 am #

    No one can fore tell the future because the future has never happened.

  3. Xnv February 21, 2014 at 4:10 am #

    Fortune tellers use general knowledge. They can’t foresee the future, no one can. Fortune tellers’ jobs are to pick up credulous clients.

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