In Canada the best psychic medium I have seen is KatherienClairvoyant, she is booked?

In Canada the best psychic medium I have seen is KatherienClairvoyant, she is booked?
and I need answers as well as a connection with my friend does anyone know any body else that is accurate, I have had an email consultation with her and was blown away, than a phone reading and in person, but she is booked for all private readings and I do not want to wait for a cancellation. Please let me know, or should I just wait? I am willing call long distance I live in Alberta. Or should I wait?

Suggestion by lala
I know the province of Alberta ; but I do not know any psychic there

My suggestion is this one ;; ask your family member ; co workers ; acquaintance for a good psychic

I am psychic and all my clients had been referred to me by a parent or a friend or a co worker

Suggestion by Rob
If you are open to trying out an Aussie psychic reader, then I recommend Mary Shadow. She is well known in Victoria, Australia, but she performs psychic readings worldwide through email. Feel free to visit my sources below. I tried her once and the results are really good. She is associated with a community called Universal Psychic Guild. Feel free to add it to your options.

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email psychic readings

Free Psychic Email Readings for UNDERAGE?
I want a free email psychic reading but, I’m only 15 and I want the reading to be accurate, any suggestions?

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